Friday, January 13, 2012

Re: My dining chairs

As a creative person who often acts on whims I sometimes experience a feeling we're going to call "Crafter's Remorse." 

You know, spray painting those candle holders chartreuse sounded brilliant, but now that I look at them . . .

and so on.

And I guess I wouldn't have been able to believe it if I hadn't felt a tiny sense of regret over my table refinishing project.  I never regretted refinishing the table, itself.  It needed to be done either way, the table was a wreck.  But when the table and chairs were back in the same room the whole thing felt a little Furniture Store to me. 

Home again!

More Matchy-Matchy than Michael Kors and I prefer for things to be.

And maybe pushing toward cottage-y, shabby chic.

Which isn't really where I'm headed.

I'm headed more kind of international country meets modern eclectic. Or something.

So I toyed around with a couple dozen ideas.

Paint the chairs?
Stain the chairs?
Get rid of the chairs entirely?
and so on.

But the chairs are the only quality furniture we own, and I just got done with a biiiiig refinishing project. So I went to look at fabric, for the 3 chairs with cushions.

I knew I wanted something colorful. Something that kind of reminds you of hand painted Mexican pottery or tile.

I found this almost immediately.


And I loved it.

BUT it was $45 a yard. Unsure if 1 yard would cover 3 cushions, I hemmed and hawed. I thought it over. I lamented.

Ultimately I decided that it was not in my budget.

And then went to the clearance racks, where I found a whole lot of garbage but then, buried and alone in the bottom of a pile, I found this


and for only $6 a yard.


And even more perfect when I got to the cutting table and the employee told me there was an additional 50% off the clearance racks right now!

So I bought all that was left on the bolt, about 2 1/2 yards, for $7 and change. Yaaaaaay!

Then I brought it home and did this:

I do love this fabric, but it had to go :(

Goodbye beautiful green corduroy
I still love you green cushions!  You just don't work in my room anymore!

Let's get crackin'


And we're off!

Cut out the new stuff

Wrap it up!

Staple Gun!
I bought the staple gun at the fabric store.  It was about $20.

Put it back together.
A little boy is the perfect helper when reattaching the seats.

And just like that!  They're all done.

In the sunlight

Ahhh! Much better!

All told the project took me about 5 hours to complete.  Mostly because I removed the green fabric from the first chair I covered and that took FOREVER.  So I decided to just cover over it for the other two. 

I love the new cushions!  What do you think?

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