Sunday, September 23, 2012

Boho Tween

It was time for a major clean out of my daughter's boho meets hippie chic bedroom.  She's 10, she's crafty and she likes to hang on to a lot of stuff. 

We carried out 6 laundry baskets of clothes, toys and various flotsam and jetsam.  We brought back only what would fit into the 3 small baskets, one IKEA closet stacker and bookshelf we already had.

She's mostly replaced the daily usage of toys with nail polish and vogue magazine.  But the stuffed animals and American Girl remain.  She's on the cusp of learning to build her own life, still cataloging the remnants of the one I built for her.  So while the deep clean needed to be done and wasn't an act chosen out of sentimentality of any kind, I found my sentimental self within it.

Here is her room, refreshed and lovely.  Frosted in signs of a girl on the edge of being a grown-up.

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